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Actions, Abilities, Attributions

Beyond Better Customer Service, Leader, and Trainer — HiTech-HiArt — HiEnthusiasm–Management and Business Creation — An Expert Generalist in applying timeless principles across different business realms. And this, as always, is just the beginning…
>>Capabilities – at your fortunate service:
[] ContentCreation – writer -Volumes of website writings
[] Paintings – brilliant colours (colors!)
[] Writing, copywriting and website content creator
[] Voiceover performer
[] Public speaking – business change and motivation, turbo-charging customer service
[] Market Creation – finding the market – global…international perspective
[] Usability and website click-to-buy ratio improvements
[] Unafraid to try new things, break with convention and take bold risks. Decisive and passionate once in motion!

>>A sample of past History
[]  Early days exporting music from the UK to the world
[] Large infrastructure business deals with Afghanistan and Nigeria
[] Establishing international agents for contact lens (USA) products – developing products
[] Video company and internet ventures USA, UK and Japan – Movie and Video Acquisition and distribution
[]  Created Travel company featuring Greece – internet meets warm human help

 Have Roger Speak to your team or audience… about art, design or particularly Customer Service and the good creative business & life ideas that build enthusiasm, customer devotion and inspiration. A better day will come if you CONTACT Roger!

More about Roger in business, art and entertainment:  see LinkedIn profile.

More from Roger:

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  • Laugh, sing, sigh and learn – writings at PoemsAndSongs.com
  • Roger is a commenter or contributor on significant blog and other sites – see Disqus — Quora — AllExperts — WSJ — TravelMole amongst others.
  • Roger contributes to early developing businesses – offline and online Beta testing, usability and improvements for customer usability.
  • Roger Says: ” I am now living in California again. Not before time. The brightness, the sheer numbers of people within easy contact distance, makes the doing of much and the achieving more, so much easier”.
  • And yes….happy to take your call. No DNA sample needed.