Why I paint

I paint because it relaxes me. I paint because suddenly the mood takes me. I paint because someone has asked me. I paint because I love brilliant colours! I paint because I have an idea – a thought about a colour or a shape and I need and desire to pull out a canvas and get out the paints, mix the perfect colour and choose just the right brush. I paint to express my delight and emotions of many fibres. At different times the reason I paint, the motive, changes.

I feel passionate about colour or even color! I know that when I am surrounded by colourful and bright furnishings, wear bright clothes – that I am more alive! I would by choice, have everyone share this feeling. “Earth-tones” and grey colours may look “smart” but I am convinced people think they look “smart” because they are conditioned to this. Dull colours drain the energy out of you, leaving you feeling less alive than you could be feeling. Try looking at something bright – see how you feel, then do the same with a colourless item – see that!

I enjoy creating and designing and I am also passionate about things and places of beauty, quality…aesthetics!

I am not satisfied with the way that many things in the world are made, constructed or designed. There is a lot of beauty in the world, yes of course. However too many buildings, clothes, cars are ugly and certainly neither flatter and compliment nor contrast well with their surroundings.

Sometimes I’m at a peak of happiness, I’m tense, I’m in a ponderous mood, I’m excited and not sure why – just some of the moments at which I start painting.

I was surprised when the first person expressed pleasure and enjoyment on sighting one of my earliest canvases, then there were more. Now my paintings are on walls in Stockholm, London, San Francisco, Arizona, Cambridge and more and not a few decorate the walls of my home.

I paint first for me! I enjoy the results as well as the process and I’m happy being surrounded with my own “Brilliant Paintings”!

Ask about commissioning a painting – enjoy your very own original. I do!


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