Published and Publishing!

Amongst other publications you must see:  a blog site of words written and spoken, photographs and wholesome, lively views on subjects ranging from travel to economics, ethics to freedom and of course…much more.  What is the best way to start your day? Well that varies, depends on who you are, what works best for you. We could talk about that. Meanwhile one thing that will amuse, challenge or puzzle you – give you a burst of fresh life each day, is the ten seconds it take to read each day’s “reply”. What’s this? Just subscribe and live better. You’ll see.  Sometimes you might find being tickled is fun. And the Poems and Songs website, has Alice In Wonderland-like rhymes, scoops of wisdom, humour and insight – poems and songs . Dip into it now and again, whenever you need the quirky and bright light of flash-thinking, encouragement and perceptive tones.

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