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Actions, Abilities, Attribution

Beyond Better Customer Service, Leader, and Trainer — HiTech-HiArt — HiEnthusiasm–Management and Business Creation — An Expert Generalist in applying timeless principles across different business realms and… a lifelong learner. This is always just the beginning…
>>Capabilities – at your service:

[] Applied Vision and strategy, whatever your business project

[] Strives to be “The Thinker’s Thinker and The Leader’s Leader”

[] Starter and Launcher, reinvention of industry sectors

[] ContentCreation – Volumes of website writings

[] Expert Generalist (rapid adaptation) and lifelong learner

[] Artist – Paintings with brilliant primary life-improving colors

[] Writer, copywriting, superbrand and website content creator

[] Voiceover performer

[] Public speaking – business change and motivation, turbo-charging customer service

[] Market Creation – finding the market – global…international perspective

[] Usability and website click-to-buy ratio improvements

[] Happy to choose new models, break with convention and take bold risks. Decisive and passionate!

[] Improv for life, business imporvement, team building and creative fun.

A sample from History 

[]  Early days exporting music from the UK to the world

[] Infrastructure business deals with Afghanistan and Nigeria

[] Established international distribution for contact lens (USA) products – using feedback to develop and improve products. Launch of customer service center, creation and design of product manuals.

[] Video company, film licensing and internet ventures USA, UK and Japan – Movie and Video Acquisition and distribution worldwide

[] Founder of Online  Travel company specializing in Greece – the internet meets warm human help. Unique no-receivables business model design.

 Have Roger Speak to your team or audience… about art, design or particularly Customer Service and the good creative business & life ideas that build enthusiasm, customer devotion, and inspiration. A better day will come if you CONTACT Roger!

More about Roger in business, art and entertainment:  see LinkedIn profile.

More from Roger:

  • Call to arrange a chat – we’ll both learn more
  • Publishing daily inspiration at TheRepliesBook.com
  • Available from Roger on request Effective Customer Replies Manual: Travel Business Edition The most useful book on CUSTOMER SERVICE via email,  so far
  • Enjoy saying Thank You at Thankly.com …try it!
  • Selection of articles by Rogerhappy reading !
  • Occcasional notes and inspiration about human progress at NanoBriefing.com
  • Laugh, sing, sigh and learn – writings at PoemsAndSongs.com
  • Roger is a commenter or contributor on significant blogs and other sites – see Disqus — Quora — AllExperts(once upon a time!) — WSJ — TravelMole, amongst others.
  • Roger contributes to new & early developing businesses – offline and online Beta testing, usability and improvements for customer usability.
  • Roger Says: ” I am now living in California again. Not before time. Brightness, the sheer number of people within easy contact distance, makes the doing of much and achieving of more, a work always in progress… without borders “.
  • And yes….happy to take your call. No DNA sample needed!